Thursday, December 07, 2006

Child's Play comic

Made this for a contest Tycho and Gabe from Penny-Arcade are hosting for tickets to the Child's Play auction dinner next week in Seattle.
The rules were:
- Three panel comic using their template
- Must have a cat, meat, the Child's Play 2006 logo and a city with a partner hospital.

I made it more for the challenge than the prize; it was a lot of fun to do and a nice exercise to test myself making a high quality three-panel webcomic in one sitting.
I can't say it's something I can or want to do often; I spent a good 6-7 hours on this guy and on a work night it's a killer (I'll be paying for this one in 4 hours for sure!)
I highly encourage you to donate to Child's Play if you haven't already done so by visting their site:



Anonymous Strake said...

I don't quite get the third frame, but I love the first and second, lol. You're a great artist. I'm hoping to become an artist as good as you someday soon (You critiqued my drawing on the CAD forums. I'm Strake.)

Keep up the good work and Happy Drawing! :)

1:26 AM  

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